For at least 8 years, LCPC's Mary Browning, created kits that those with sewing skills could assemble at home to create dresses for orphan Malawian girls.  Our team, in turn, transported them to Malawi and gifted them to girls attending MOH’s programs. What a gift to a child often wearing tattered clothing: perhaps their only dress. Mary estimates she created 1000 kits, in sizes ranging from toddler to adolescent, before electing to retire from this overwhelming responsibility.

It is difficult to forget the excited faces of the children who received the brightly colored dresses.  Afterwards, how many times have we recounted the experience of anticipating those girls wearing their new outfits the very next day, discovering not one of them did. Of course not, those dresses immediately became the finest article of clothing they had . . . certainly to be reserved for church and very special occasions!

Mary’s patterns are available to create more kits; it would be tremendous for someone to take leadership to reactivate this program. Dresses, skirts, boy’s shorts . . . the options are limitless, and greatly in need.