Our first and formost priority is to actively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We continue to be humbled, and personally inspired, but the role that faith plays in the lives of so many of the Malawian Christians we have met.  We believe it is that faith in the gospel than is the core of bringing hope for the future.

In 2015 we received word from Felix Khonji, director at Khwamba, that there was a youth evangelism team going out into local villages to bring the gospel, but that they had few Bibles for their own use.  Could we help?  We later discovered there were similar evganelism teams at the other MOH centers!  

We immediately began a program of purchasing Bibles printed in Chichewa, the local dialect and distributing them during our trips in Malawi, not only these active teams, but also copies to be held and used at the centers.  Chichewa Bibles cost approx 10 USD, purchased in Malawi.

have since learned that elders, and even sometimes pastors of local house churches often don't have their own Bibles.  There is nothing more heartwarming than to witness the excitement and joy when a Christian receives their own personal Bible, as captured by the surrounding photos.    

English Bibles are also greatly needed.  In 2015 St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church in New Providence, NJ donated all of their lightly used pew bibles, and we have also received dozens of donated Bibles from congregants at LCPC.  Many churches in Malawi have English services, and the unused Bibles in our "world" have tremendous value in Malawi.  

The Jesus Film has been translated into well over 1000 languages, one of which is the native Malawian dialect of Chichewa.  MOH shows the film at it's centers regularly; our solar lighting at the centers makes such nighttime gatherings possible. We have also provided a portable public address system which projects the audio to the crowds of children and adults that gather.  We have several times witnessed the showing of the Jesus Film at the centers.

One particularly memorable showing was held during our installation of first solar lighting project at Khwamba.  What was memorable was how attentive the children in particular were throughout the movie. 

During the crucifixion of Jesus, they grew totally quiet.  There were a few that cried.  But I was unprepared for their reaction of what came next.  When the resurrected Jesus returns and appears to the disciples, all the kids jumped up and cheered wildly!  What a scene . . . it was so real to them!  I will never forget that moment!   

He said to them,

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Mark 16:15


The Jesus Film