The Libraries

Our largest project in 2018 was at Chimwang'ombe, where we completed the newest library as well as installed a solar powered irrigation system for the vegetable garden.  The library construction was completed under Daniel's direction during the month before we arrived: the mason he chose did an excellent job and we have decided to contract him for the next project at Matapila in November.

The solar generating capacity of the center had to be expanded to provide adequate power for the library/media center, and the solar pumping for irrigation.  Wiring was run underground between the main center, the library (100 meters away), and the new well house we built.

2018 Updates


After two coats of whitewash, which made a huge difference in brightening the inside of the library, the task of last year's books and shelving from director Glady's office began, so we could accommodate the 1200 books we added to the collection this year!  The oak library tables we shipped, donated by West Morris High School in New Jersey, were a beautiful addition, as well as the floor mats and wall map.  The many windows of Daniel's design created a cheerful area for the children!  Ceiling lighting, as well as outside security lighting, is powered by solar generation wired underground from the main building.

One of our long time goals was realized this year at Chimwang'ombe, as we constructed and installed a cross outside our new library.  We felt it critical that we clearly identify all we do to be under the leadership of and dedication to Jesus Christ.  We constructed crosses from local blue gum timber, and constructed a form to support the cross in concrete, firmly anchored a half meter underground.  Heavy steel flanges had been fabricated at home, and included in our shipment. We plan to install crosses at each of our centers, as well as to add a solar powered spotlight. 

There were so many great memories at Chimwang'ombe in 2018.  Please also visit the Irrigation Update.  The final goodbye, under the solar security lighting at the side of our library was a memory I'll cherish . . .