Library and Media Centers

"Collecting the Books" 2017 

Now that electric lighting had been initiated at the centers, we undertook the formation of libraries at the centers: in 2017 we collected 5000 age and culturally appropriate books donated by individuals and local schools.  Our group of volunteers tackled the mammoth job to sort, pack, and shrink wrap 75 boxes of books to be shipped by container 8000 miles to Malawi! 

Once we arrived in Malawi, we constructed free standing library buildings at two of the centers and four more, albeit “temporary”, libraries were crowded into the centers’ offices. Each library was stocked with an equal share of the 5,000 books our Malawi Visions “home team” collected, packed, and shipped.   While the “temporary” facilities were  fully functional,  their access and utility to the children are limited because they are housed in offices utilized for many other functions.

We affixed a flyleaf label to each and every book we shipped that we designed and printed, making sure in all ways we did not fail to communicate Christ's, and our love.

In 2017 we collected and shipped 6100 pounds of books as well as donated free-standing heavy library shelving to Malawi!  Clearly the international shipping expertise we have developed, this our 6th shipment, allows us to execute projects of this scope!

2018 Update

Encouraged by our success in initiating village libraries, our volunteers continued book collections in 2018.  This time almost 7000 books were collected and in June left by container for Malawi.  This will increase the holdings of each of our 6 libraries to 2000 books!  Also, a local high school donated 10 library tables for our facilities, which will be valuable additions!  This year's shipment of 135 boxes of books and library tables exceeded 7400 pounds!