Photos we received earlier in the year showed children sitting in a circle on the floor, looking at picture books.  In response to that photo, 60 soft  interlocking foam floor mats for the children to sit on were donated to us, sufficient for all 6 center, and became part of our 2018 ocean shipment! 

This year the Khwamba library became a media center, as we initiated our laptop training program. For the first time setting our donated laptops upon the oak tables given to us by West Morris High School, we connected them to the AC power source run underground to our building from the solar generation facility in the main Khwamba center building. 

We became aware of a program in Uganda, where young children were learning building skills, and analytical thinking, after being introduced to "recycled" LEGOs. 

We immediately initiated our own drive of collecting used LEGOs, and shipped almost 200 pounds to equip our centers in 2018.  These, wall maps, and other educational items will become a part of our "media" center facilities.

Equipped with solar lighting and electricity, these “Liberty Corner Library and Media Centers” will not only house book collections but also provide a space more intimate and comfortable than the existing large centers, to function as a
1.  gathering place for young children to hear stories,
2.  meeting place for small groups
3.  classroom for laptop computer training programs we are developing
4.  education and entertainment media center with tables and educational toys such as        LEGOs, a wall mounted flat screen monitor, etc with media provided via laptop computer
5. display center for children’s artwork

Library and Media Centers

2018 Updates

Felix Khonji, the Khwamba director selected the first class of 6 students, recent graduates from secondary school and all hoping and waiting for acceptance of their applications to college. Not one of then had experience of any sort with a computer, so this class will be very important to their success once in college. Needless to say they were eager and interested students.

We have arranged for Milca Moveti to be our instructor. Milca, herself a MOH program graduate has excellent computer skills, communicates well in English and Chichewa, has worked with us in the past, and was very excited to take on this role for us. She is teaching several classes a day, and will be working with us not only teaching computer classes, but also managing our library and media centers. We are so happy to have her!

Milca demonstrating the mats at Khwamba. . . .