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"Collecting the Books" 2018 

In 2018, the experiences we had communicated upon return from Malawi from the installation of the libraries, and the subsequent reports we received throughout the ensuing year from MOH about the use of the libraries, acted as a catalyst toward even greater enthusiasm for expanding the collections.  We had an army of hard workers, gathering on Saturdays, winter weather notwithstanding, to sort, label, box, and shrink wrap almost twice the number of boxes as last year!  This time almost 7000 books were collected and in June 2018 left by container for Malawi. This will increase the holdings of each of our 6 libraries to 2000 books! Also, a local high school donated 10 hardwood library tables for our facilities, valuable additions to the facilities! This year's shipment of 135 boxes of books and library tables exceeded 7400 pounds!

We wish to acknowledge and express our appreciation for the generous donations of books and library equipment, during both 2017 & 2018, by:

Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church

Morristown High School Library

Mendham High School Library

West Morris Central High School Library

Harding Township Kemmerer Library

Couch Braunsdorf Insurance Group, Inc.

The Friends of New Providence Public Library

The Friends of Chatham Library

The Friends of Parsippany Library

Harding Elementary School

Bernards Township Library
Bernarsdville Library

Albrook Montessori School
Basking Ridge Moms
Brightview Senior Living 
The Children's Corner Nursery School 
Liberty Corner Elementary School
Mahwah Public Library
Oak Street School
Pingry Elementary School

Tewksbury Middle School

William Annin School

Many friends, families,and Malawi Visions followers

This is truly a community mission activity! 

Our Contributors and Supporters

Of course collecting the books, and getting them to Malawi, is only part of the task.  How to use them once they arrive?