Library and Media Centers

Building Libraries

The kids sure enjoyed playing in the building sand pile!

In 2017, we constructed stand-alone buildings to house our fledgling libraries at two of MOH's centers, Mponela, and Khwamba, and four temporary libraries were established in the director's offices in Matapila, Chimwang'ombe, Katondo, and Selengo centers. Those temporary libraries will be replaced with separate buildings we have planned for construction during 2018. The stand-alone libraries are brick structures approximately 30 feet by 18 feet, each constructed for approximately $3,000!

New library at Khwamba

New Library at Mponela

Upon completion, each library was stocked with an equal share of the 5,000 books our Malawi Visions “home team” collected. 

 Our library shelving assembly team became quickly adept at their task!

Temporary libraries were established in the offices of the center directors at four MOH community developent centers . .  at times a bit crowded!

Some of the most enjoyable moments of establishing the libraries was observing the fascination of our teams as they unpacked the boxes of books!  Progress was a bit slow . . . but great fun!  We knew the books would be a great hit for children and adults alike! 

We have secured funding to construct free-standing libraries at the remaining four MOH centers during 2018-19.  In fact, Daniel Moyo and his team have completer the 3rd library building at Katondo, and the 4th library is under construction at Chimwang'ombe mid 2018!  We are excited to see this work progressing without our presence!  Updates to come!